Trancoso, a small village in the south of Bahia, which has gained prominence as a tourist destination in recent years, due to its inexhaustible natural beauty, and its cozy climate.

Those who pass by, whether they are seeking agitation, or seeking peace and tranquility, will surely carry with them eternal memories. Trancoso offers to the visitor the most varied leisure options such as: quad biking, hiking, ecobike among others for those who enjoy adventures. For those who like the nightlife, there are options for forró show houses and bars with live music. For gastronomic lovers, in Trancoso it is possible to experience flavors of the whole world. The outcasts of Trancoso are among the most beautiful in the world.

Tip: See trancoso on January 20 and February 3, when the traditional feasts of São Sebastião and São Brás happen, which are a spectacle of the local culture.
variety of leisure options!"